It’s Friday! This not only means that a new blog post is live, but also that the weekend is right around the corner 🙂

That’s why I have got a Yoga for stress relief practice today. Maybe this week was especially challenging for you, maybe it was really stressful at your work and you just want to chill now. I have got your back girl.

This yoga practice is perfect for melting stress and feeling cozy and in peace within yourself.

So, change in something comfy, make yourself some tea,  dim the lights, lit some candles and listen to relaxing music.

Before you move on: Why don’t you grab my free yoga guide for beginners?

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Things to consider

  • Two typical qualities of asanas (yoga poses) are stability and ease, therefore every yoga posture should be performed with these two qualities.
  • Do not cross your physical limits. Asanas should be done with ease and smoothness. As soon as you notice pain or discomfort, you have crossed your boundaries.
  • Pay attention to your body and treat it kindly. Move slowly with deep and even breathing.

Here is the practice:

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You can also download it here, save it on your desktop, so you can always practice it.


I won’t go into details here, because I think it is clear what you have to do in each pose.

For maximum stress melt, hold each pose for longer and take long and slow breaths. Concentrate on your body.

How does it feel? Is this pose comforting or uncomfortable? Do you feel any pain?

Always remember

  • This is your time.
  • You are doing this for yourself only.

Final note

I hope this practice was a little reminder to slow down and listen to yourself. We have so much to do in our everyday life, that’s why it is important to practice self-care once in a while.

If you are new to yoga you can join my free yoga for beginners guide or check out these blog posts:

I wish you a calm and stress free day,

xx Hana

Exercise illustrations are copyright of WorkoutLabs and used with permission.

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