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as you may be noticed from my last blog post, I am participating in a half-marathon in a few months. I’ve got nothing else to say, except that I am scared, haha.

That’s why the right training comes in handy. Even though I have been learning about all sorts of training-planning in my Personal Fitness trainer certification, I have never followed an actual trainings-plan for running. Because I wanted to share my whole journey with you, I will now describe a little bit about how I am training for the big event.

Starting as a beginner…

Starting off with running has been kind of funny for me. I would definitely describe myself as a fit person. That’s why it’s been weird to see that I actually struggled with running. I had to start as a total beginner. 

I started off with one 4km run a week and I always ran 1-2 km before my weightlifting workout sessions.

It was really hard to get into running. Everything was hurting, my coordination sucked and my heartbeat was way too high (170pm).

One month later and I am already running 6k with ease with a pace of 6 minutes per km. I am pretty satisfied with my progress. The best thing about it is that I am actually starting to enjoy it. And this was the whole purpose behind this goal. It wasn’t to run the half-marathon under a specific time. But simply, that I start to enjoy running. 🙂

My Training program

From now on, it’s exactly 12 weeks until the big race. More than enough time to prepare.

I have been researching a lot and I found a few similar training programs. The principle is always the same:

  • one running session at a moderate pace
  • one running session at a moderate pace + 10 minutes of increased pace
  • one slow long-distance run (normally on the weekend)

a week.

My trainings-schedule for this week, for example, will be:

  • MONDAY – 30 minute running session at a moderate pace (5km)
  • TUESDAY – Leg day
  • WEDNESDAY – Rest day
  • THURSDAY – 40 minute running session at a moderate pace + increasing the pace (7km)
  • FRIDAY – Push (shoulders, chest)
  • SATURDAY – Pull
  • SUNDAY – Slow long distance run (10km)

As I don’t want to stop with weightlifting completely, I am still working out 2-3 times a week. Let’s see how this will go.

The important thing here is to honour your rest days and let your body recover. A good recovery and the right nutrition are key here.

Final note

Do you want me to post more about my running journey? Should I make a post about my whole training schedule for the half-marathon? Write a comment below.

Okay, I am going shopping for some running shoes now!

See you soon,

xx Hana

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