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Most people don’t achieve their goals.

In fact, a lot of people don’t even set goals. They think that life just happens to them and that if they were meant to achieve their goals all the things they wish for would just come right to them.

Or, they are so afraid they won’t achieve their goals that they don’t even set goals and try to follow their dreams. But, that’s a big mistake, in my opinion at least.

Setting and achieving goals is so important for us, humans. We strive for growth. We always have, that’s our natural instinct. To set a goal and plan your future is something only human beings can do. No other species on this planet can do this on purpose.

So, take advantage of it!

I will show you how you can set the right kind of goals. Keep on reading!

Step 1. Decide what you want

Before even thinking about how you will achieve your goals, you have to decide what you want in your life and choose one SMART goal. I have been there myself, knowing what my life should look like in ten years, but never really thinking and deciding what my goals are in this moment.

Firstly, take a look at the main areas in your life and decide, where in your life you want to put your focus on. The main areas are:

  • Health
  • Relationships/Family
  • Business/Career
  • Money
  • Personal development/Spirituality
  • Home/Environment
  • Fun
  • Volunteering/Service

While you can have more than one goal at once, it is way more effective to focus on one goal at a time.

So, for example, if your goal is to lose weight, you will have to put your attention on working out and eating healthy.

That way, you will priorities your workout and put it in the first place. 

Every day you will know exactly, that your workout is the number 1 priority and that you will have to say “no” to things in other life areas, like working an extra shift or going out with your friends.

Next is to decide on one SMART goal.

SMART goals are:

S – Specific – Be really precise when it comes to setting goals. Write everything down and go into detail!

M – Measurable – Your goals should be measurable (like how you feel in your body, weight etc.)

A – Attainable – You should be able to achieve them

R – Realistic – Something that is possible (I think that almost everything is possible if you really work hard), maybe except riding a unicorn, haha

T – Time-Bound – You should give yourself a time-limit

Know your WHY

The next important thing is to know why you are choosing this goal. You should pick a goal, which represents something that is valuable to you. It should be important to you to achieve this goal.

At this point ask yourself WHY do I want to achieve this goal?

For example, if you don’t feel good and healthy in your body and you really want to tone up your body or lose weight. Not feeling good in your body is a great reason to set and achieve this goal. It is a much more effective reason then if you want to lose weight just to look good.

Write down every reason you can think of.

Step 2. Notice obstacle thoughts

This is something I learned from Brooke Castillo (thelifecoachschool podcast). When you are setting goals it is important to take a look at all the reasons you think you cannot achieve it. 

When I first heard it, I was like “Whaaat?”

How is that supposed to bring you closer to your goal, you might think.

But, after thinking it threw I realized that it actually is vital. Why? Because all the reasons and obstacle thoughts you are thinking can bring you to your goal.

For example:

If you are thinking that you will never achieve your dream weight, because:

  • you don’t know how to train
  • you don’t know how to eat right
  • all the exercises are overwhelming
  • you don’t know which eating habits are right for you

By ignoring all those thoughts you will just try something and that won’t work. However, by evaluating these obstacle thoughts, you will understand where you are right now and notice everything you need to learn to achieve the goal.

So, write everything down. Every tiny little obstacle thought you might have. And from there you make your research and learn.

  • You will learn how to train by getting a personal trainer or making your own research
  • You will make your research on a healthy diet
  • And so on..


Step 3. Visualize

If you know what you want, visualize what your life would be like, if you have accomplished your goal. Go a step further and imagine your perfect life in the future. Take yourself time to daydream. Go into detail.

How are you feeling? Where are you? With whom? Where do you live? How does your house look like? Are you a healthy and fit person? Do you have children? Do you love your family? Do you have friends? Are you happy?

Eliott Hulse, a strength and bodybuilding coach and all in all a really wise and inspiring personality, said that he has been doing this for so long. He has been visualizing exactly the life he is living right now. He has a huge business, a beautiful family etc. He is even living in the exact area he imagined him to live.

Step 4. Reflect on your current life

For the next step, I want you to take a look at where you are right now in your life. Be honest with yourself. Write down every detail that is valuable to the goal.

Let’s take the example above. If your goal is to lose weight, you could write down your exact measurements (weight, height, inches) and how you feel in your body right now.

The more precise you are, the more chance you will have to actually achieve your goal.

Step 5. Set a deadline for your goal

Now, set a deadline for your goals and write it down everywhere! Literally everywhere! I like to use my Icloud or Google Calendar for this. In fact, I use my calendar for almost everything at this point. It is just soooo useful and free, hehe.

Give yourself a realistic timeframe, because you can’t expect to lose 100 pounds in one week or to make 1 million dollars in one month. Slow and steady always wins the raise, remember.

Personally, I like to give myself one year to achieve goals. If they are too big, I will break them up into mini goals and set one year, one month, one week, and so on, deadlines for each mini goal. But, I will go into this in the next step.

This looks something like this:

1st January 2019 – achieve XY goal

Step 6. Break up your goals into mini goals

Goals can seem so big sometimes. While it’s good to set big goals it is even harder to achieve them. That’s why we have to break up our big goals into mini goals and work our ways backward.

I always had issues with the feeling of overwhelm. However, since I have been breaking up my huge goals into mini goals, it has been so much easier for me to work my way up.

  1. Firstly, break up your massive goal into one-year goal
  2. Then break that one-year goal up into 12 mini goals
  3. Lastly, create massive action lists for each mini goal

This could look like this:

Massive goal: Lose weight and feel fit and healthy again

Year goal: Lose XY weight

Mini goals:

1. month: Change your diet

2. month: Get into exercising

3. month: Create an actual workout-plan

4-8. month: Stick to the workout-plan and diet

8-12. month: Challenge yourself even harder with the workouts

Action list for the first month

– Educate yourself on weight loss and how it actually works

– Calculate your BMR and calories

– Search on Pinterest for healthy recipes, re-pin a lot of them

– Create a grocery list

– Go grocery shopping and only buy healthy food

– Cook your healthy meals

Action list for the second month

– Educate yourself on working out, how to get started, motivated

– Get a Personal Coach

  • Write down some exercises you enjoy
  • Workout for 5-10 minutes every day
  • Workout for 20-30 minutes every day
  • Be able to do 1 push up
  • Be able to do 2 push ups

This is just to give you an idea. You can be way more precise about this.

Step 7. Plan and schedule

Let’s take the action list from the example above.

I would suggest that you schedule some time out of your day to work on your goals. For me, this is 3 hours. But, it can be less for you, or even more, as you prefer.

Depending on how much time you give yourself, work your way through your action list. Plan your weeks ahead and schedule everything in your calendar. You can also use the productivity- planner for this step.

This could look like this:

Monday – Educate yourself on weight loss and how it actually works

Tuesday – Calculate your BMR and calories

Wednesday – Search on Pinterest for healthy recipes and re-pin a lot of them

Thursday – Create a grocery list

Friday – Go grocery shopping

Take your time and don’t overwhelm yourself at the beginning. You will be more likely to really do something if it’s an easy and simple step to accomplish.


Step 8. Obsess about your goal

Obsess about it. Write it down everywhere, so your mind will have to observe it, consistently.

Who do you think is more likely to achieve their goal? The girl who writes it down daily and has it written everywhere? Or the girl who barely thinks about it?

I think we all know who 🙂

Final note

To the girls and boys who go after their dreams. To the learners and doers. Face your fears and take massive action!

Thank you for reading!

You rock!

xx Hana

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