Welcome to my Blog! I’m Hana and I founded this blog together with my boyfriend Tobi. My goal is to share some of the most valuable experiences I had in my yoga and fitness journey. The idea of running some kind of internet platform has been in my head for a long time, and when I told Tobi he said: “Let’s just do it”.

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About Me

I am currently going to school and will be graduating next year. After school I aim to do a yoga and fitness trainer certification and to study physiotherapy.

Creating a community

I am interested in building a creative and openminded community on my blog and social media. We can talk and discuss a healthy lifestyle and so much more. I will give you tips and share my personal experiences and knowledge around self-development, including fitness, yoga, body and mind – positivity.

What I love to do

I love doing yoga, moving my body (especially bodybuilding), spending time with my loved ones and being in nature. Furthermore I am a very creative person and feel inspired mostly by nature and traveling. Concentrating on my self-development, whether it is through yoga, fitness, reading or creating, helps me to embrace a lot of happiness and self-love.

Here I would like to share my journey on becoming the happiest and best version of myself with everyone. Hopefully I will inspire others to do same. Helping people to achieve their fitness and health goals is one of the biggest ambitions in my life.


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About Me

I have always been interested in technology and living in Austria allowed me to go to a sort of technical high school. There I learned to program and to work with networks. I just finished school, and as I always need something to tinker with this project is perfect for me.

My Part

As you might have guessed I handle the technical aspect of the blog. That includes everything from web design to hosting and writing with business partners.

Occasionally I will write a post about something I find particularly helpful for other bloggers in an own category.

What I love to do

Asides from being a web nerd I’m also into bodybuilding, which I started over a year ago thanks to Hana (She is very convincing). I like to live my life and enjoy the little moments like being in a foreign country or just playing the guitar.


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