Welcome to my Blog! I’m Hana and I founded this blog together with my boyfriend Tobi. My goal is to share some of the most valuable experiences I had in my yoga and fitness journey. The idea of running some kind of internet platform has been in my head for a long time, and when I told Tobi he said: “Let’s just do it”.

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My name is Hana! 

The short version of who I am is: 

A Fitness enthusiast and Yoga lover.

I love to challenge my body, take it to limits with weightlifting, while simultaneously practicing yoga and self-care. 

Another big passion of mine is personal development. I love reading books, listening to podcasts and designing my dream life through mindfulness and hard work. It was a mixture of Fitness, Yoga and Personal development that created a life I truly love. 

My goal is to help women of all ages to get fit and feel amazing in their bodies through strength training, yoga and personal development. We can all embrace our healthiest version of ourselves, let’s do it together!

Here is the slightly longer story:

My name is Hana, Viktorija is my second name.

I grew up in Austria, in a small village in Carinthia. My parents are actually Slovenian, so I speak three languages, German, Slovenian and English. 

The reason I am doing this whole thing in English is to connect with as many people I can, not only from Germany and Austria. Another reason is that I love the English language and I always want to learn and improve my current knowledge.

2015 – When everything started

I started weight lifting in 2015. My brother, who was a real fitness freak at the time coached me and taught me everything about weight lifting, strength training, mobility and so on. 

Every day we would go to a small gym, which was about 3 minutes away from our house to train. It was so much fun. 

At the same time, I started doing yoga and fell in love with it straight away. 

Yoga is calming and relaxing, yet super challenging. The cool thing about it is, that you not only work on your body but also on your mind. Accepting your own flaws, limits and boundaries take hard mental work. However, the growth is real. 

In my opinion, Yoga and Weightlifting is the perfect mixture to sustain a healthy body and mind. The balance between strength and flexibility is vitally important for our bodies. I couldn’t do weight lifting the way I do without practicing Yoga, and the other way around. 

2016 – Met Tobi, deepened my Yoga practice

In early 2016 I met Tobi, my boyfriend, and it instantly clicked. We are the perfect match: He is a genius at Technical stuff and a master of hard work. I am the chilled Yogi with a love for strength training. The perfect balance.

He has taught me so much about working hard for my goals, business, technical stuff, and overall life lessons. In return, I taught him everything about weightlifting. We are a true power couple 🙂

2017 – We started this Blog

I loved the year of 2017. That’s when I finally started this blog. 

I often talked to Tobi about starting my own blog, without even knowing anything about blogging. I just wanted to have my own platform, where I could share my thoughts and experiences with Fitness and Yoga. For, I loved the way I felt in my body. Healthy and strong, confident and empowered. I wanted every woman to feel the same way I felt. 

So, we went for it. Tobi programmed my very own Website. And we became Business Partners. Yaaay. 

I also started to post on Instagram and Pinterest. I love that I can connect with so many wonderful humans. 

2018 – Finishing school, taking blogging more seriously, starting personal fitness coach training

Hello, freedom! 

I finished school in June of 2018, yaaaay. 

And even though I originally wanted to study physiotherapy and failed the test (In Austria they are freaking hard), I couldn’t be happier and more grateful for the way things are right now.


Because I am on my way of becoming a Personal Fitness Coach. Ahh, so excited, you guys 🙂 

The things we have been learning in Personal Coach training are so interesting and mind-blowing. I feel so grateful to be doing something I love. 

So what’s next?

I will be a certified Personal Fitness Coach from the beginning of 2019. That way I will be able to provide even better content and more value to you. 

You will get the chance to book me as your personal coach and I will show you how you can get into your best shape. Either in person or via the internet. 

I am also planning to write a workout guide for those of you, who prefer a finished program. 

So, that’s it about me. Let’s see what the future holds 🙂

I would love to hear your story, 

Email me at [email protected]

For more Fitness tips, workouts and yoga pics, follow my Instagram and @hanaviktorija subscribe to my blog.

xx Hana 


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About Me

I have always been interested in technology and living in Austria allowed me to go to a sort of technical high school. There I learned to program and to work with networks. I just finished school, and as I always need something to tinker with this project is perfect for me.

My Part

As you might have guessed I handle the technical aspect of the blog. That includes everything from web design to hosting and writing with business partners.

Occasionally I will write a post about something I find particularly helpful for other bloggers in an own category.

What I love to do

Asides from being a web nerd I’m also into bodybuilding, which I started over a year ago thanks to Hana (She is very convincing). I like to live my life and enjoy the little moments like being in a foreign country or just playing the guitar.


If you want to support us (which we greatly appreciate) find out more here.