Goals can seem so overwhelming and big sometimes. And that’s good! I love massive goals. But, in order to really accomplish them, you need to take massive action, as well.

In a previous blog post, I talked about how to set goals. And, although it seems that this is enough to actually achieve your goals, it isn’t.

That’s why I want to share with you my 5 strategies or rules to actually achieve your goals.

1. Say NO to things that don’t suit your goals

Don’t be afraid to say “no” to people. I know, people pleasing can be so tempting. But, it’s important to prioritize your goals and say “NO” to people, things and opportunities that don’t fit your goals.

For example, if you want to get fit and lose a bunch of weight, you will have to work-out, eat healthily and say no to partying and overeating.

Your best friend wants to do a movie night with chips, donuts, and chocolates? Movies? Yes yes yes. Junk food? No no no.

I get that balance is necessary. Enjoy yourself once in a while.

Other than that there are no excuses. Like I said, honor your plan and goal and work hard towards them. Even if it’s hard, try to stay tough and say „no“ to things, which don’t suit your goals.  

2. Don’t sabotage yourself

What I mean by self-sabotaging is that we oftentimes get in the way of ourselves, through procrastination, buffering and not showing up or quitting.

I know what you are asking yourself: Why do we do this? 

Well, because human-beings seek comfort. This is our primitive brain telling us to stop everything that is scary and life-threatening because the only thing our primitive brain wants is to survive.

You just have to listen and notice that whenever an inner voice is telling you to „I’m not feeling like it“, „I would much rather just lay on the couch all day“ that this is your primitive brain. Ignore it and take action anyway!

Ask yourself on purpose: „How can I make you feel like it?“ or „How can I help?“ and just do the things on your to-do list without thinking about it. Once you are working on it, you will notice that it isn’t as life-threatening as you thought it would be. 

Know that the discomfort from your goals and from the things you have to do is soo much less painful than the discomfort, which comes from procrastination.

The work is still there waiting for you. And now you know that you didn’t show up to your work, so that is probably making you feel so much more suffering than before. 

3. Honor your plan

In ” How to set goals” I talked about the importance of scheduling and planning each step you have to take in your calendar.

That takes us to the next rule:

Once you have scheduled something in your calendar, there is no way back. Once you have written down your to-do list, there is nothing else to be done than what’s on there. 

Honor your plan! Show up on time! If you planned on waking up early, wake up early!

This is the way, goals are being achieved. Period.

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4. Write down your goal everywhere

Who do you think is more likely to achieve their goal:

The girl, who thinks about her goal once a week? Or the girl, who writes her goal down daily? It’s the second girl, of course.

Write it down daily. If you aren’t a fan of writing, you can do other things, as well.
You could, for example, print out inspiring quotes and hang them on your wall. Another idea would be to create a vision board with inspiring photos and motivational quotes that match the life you want to create.

Do what is necessary to believe in yourself. What brings us straight to the last rule.

5. Believe in yourself no matter what

You are the only person, who has to believe in yourself and your goals. It is not your mother, father, best friend or partner.

You are the one person it takes to achieve your goals.

There is an awesome podcast episode on this topic “Believing hard” – by @thelifecoachschool. I would recommend it sooo much.

It can be so hard sometimes, I know. I struggled (and still struggle) with believing in myself a lot. But, listening to that podcast episode over and over, along with the help of the loving people around me, has helped me so much.

I realized that I truly am the most important person to believe in my goals. If everybody on this planet believed in me, except myself, I still wouldn’t be able to achieve what I want.

So, believe that you can achieve anything you set your mind to!

Final note

How to achieve your goals? Let’s summarize

  1. Say “no” to things, which don’t suit your goals
  2. Don’t sabotage yourself
  3. Honor your plan
  4. Write down your goal daily
  5. Believe in yourself

These 5 Rules really helped me come closer to my personal goals and I hope that they help you (even if it’s a little) achieve your goals.

I wish you an amazing and energizing weekend,

xx Hana


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