If you are anything like me, you are spending a lot of time working, studying and sitting. And girl, there’s nothing wrong with that! I am a total workaholic and I don’t care.

But, what I do care about is my posture. And we all know that “sitting is like the new smoking”. That’s why I have got the perfect post for you today. 3 Yoga postures you can do at your desk.

There is nothing better for your productivity than doing small breaks and stretching it all out. I promise it will clear out your mind instantly.

Let’s get started.

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1. Cow Face Stretch

  • Cross your right leg over the left, stacking the right knee on top of the left
  • Exhale and sweep the right arm behind your torso and tuck the forearm in the hollow of your lower back, parallel to your waist, with the right elbow against the right side of your torso
  • Now inhale and stretch your left arm straight forward, pointing toward the opposite wall, parallel to the floor. Turn the palm up and, with another inhalation, stretch the arm straight up toward the ceiling, palm turned back. Lift actively through your left arm, then with an exhalation, bend the elbow and reach down for the right hand. If possible, hook the right and left fingers.

Breathe a few deep breathes in this position.

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2. Backbend

  • Exhale and extend your arms in front of you
  • Inhale and reach with your arms to the ceiling, then inhale once again and bring them behind yourself
  • Open up your chest and look to the ceiling.

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3. Shoulder and neck stretch

  • Bring your palms and hands together behind yourself
  • Breathe in and extend your arms
  • Open your chest and press your shoulder blades together and away from the ears

Final note

This was it, you guys. Thanks so much for participating, I hope you have had a relaxing break at your working desk 🙂





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